Tuesday, 10 April 2012

How often is too often to Blog

I lay awake last night thinking of all the things I could blog about... What funny things that have happened that others could relate to or the stressful things that some people might be relieved about,  that simply say we are all the same deep down...

The list was endless, so the question I posed to myself was "how often is too often to blog", I am sure it will start with a great cracking pace and slow down as the house work becomes a priority again.  Yesterday it started with great gusto and excitement, so much so I posted the rough copy with the grammatical errors... But hey you cant slow the force of an excited women who has not left the house for a week.

Whilst thinking  about the blog and what I wanted it to be, my thoughts moved to the readers and how I wanted to impact them, or indeed if I even could.  My thoughts got worse,  how would I deal with  my friends who cant help them selves but to put me down for being different and giving life a try.  It played out in my head, almost as good as any Bold and the Beautiful scene, I could of won an award for comedy, wit and fast paced one liners... oh and the stare...it was deathly.

It ended up a rather scary night in the end, I almost closed down the blog down before it started, then I realised, this is why you never act until morning... Those lingering thoughts and worries that keep me awake at night are just thoughts, they feel so much worse in the dark.  The night hours are for dreaming, so we are strong enough in our day to get through all the crap we have to tackle and to be able to do it well.

So my thought for today is, when I am laying in bed and I am worrying about the power bill or wishing my husband would just back down from the argument we had or any other of the thousands of things that have kept me awake at night,  I am going to try and let it go, try and get some much needed sleep as the problem will no doubt be there in the morning for me to tackle "whilst I am loving my family".

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