Friday, 13 April 2012

Good things come in small packages

I have been trying to write a blog all day and it was not coming easily, so the decision was made not to write one today.  Just as I let it go, I got a knock at the door... It was a very special friend, she greeted me with her usual big smile and a "Haaalllo"...a women who is such a little package but brings with her such big delight.

Earlier I had been writing about how some relationships can be toxic and a waste of energy.   The whole blog seemed really negative and  I decided to scrap the story as it was not what I want this space to be about.

It dawned on me when my little friend left, our relationship was the type of relationship I need to invest in, one that invigorates me and makes me want to be a better and happier version of myself... One that although I dont seek her validation, I just get it, her genuine understanding of my story and her eagerness to listen, her ability to never understate my accomplishments but to understand the struggle it took to get there.  Our friendship has seen many stages and phases and  has many stories that will see us old and laughing.

Now don't get me wrong, some people might think I am talking fairy tales here, because lets face it, I don't feel like that about a lot of people I interact with and I think this is why they say you can usually count your real friend on one hand.  If I am honest I can count them on half a hand and I feel genuinely lucky to be able to do that...

My thought was, if I stopped investing my energy into some of the more toxic relationships and started investing my energy into relationships that increase my powers to feel good, surely that would make me a better person, if I am a better person to myself then I can also be a better mother and wife for my family and a better friend to my friends.

So with out sounding like some corny half version of doctor phil versus star Wars I am going to...

"train myself to let go of everything I fear to lose"...(modified star wars quote that I love)...

Now read that statement again... because it will mean something different to differnt people, but for me it means to let go of the friendships that although I know are toxic I am still frightened to lose.  In doing this it may make me a better version of myself in my journey of life "whilst I am loving my Family"...

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  1. Wow, I would have to say your "LITTLE" friend is quite humbled to read these beautifully written words. And, just remember you can never control something your not in control of in the first place. So, nuture your own curisity, develop your dreams, follow your own path and bring your family along for the ride. That includes husband, kids and dogs (sheep, alpaca, goat etc). Don't waste your time trying to please 'relationships' that are never going to be pleased. Unfortunately relationships with people like that are never going to be pleased anyway so even if you achieve what you think is what THEY wanted you to achieve it won't be good enough then anyway.
    Keep up the fantastic blogging whilst spending your time being in love with your family. Being healthy and happy and having a family that is the same I feel is the ultimate sucess!!!!!