Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The difference between a good doctor and a GREAT doctor.

For quite a few years now I have had chronic pain that has been unlabeled and it can be really quite horrible and puts stress on all facets of my life.

Today’s blog is about how we deserve to take the time out for ourselves to find a great doctor that works for us.   So many people just keep seeing the same doctor just because they always have.   I guess to some degree I have 2 doctors.

 (which is a bit naughty but works well for me)

1.     I have a Medical practitioner I see if I have a cold and need an antibiotic, it does not take long to get in (if your lucky) and they usually have an answer for those things you need to deal with quickly.

3.     Then I have my Medical Practitioner I see when I need help with the bigger things.  She runs a private practice, so her waiting room is never full, there is only me, this gives me the time to really explain and she has the time to really listen.  With out that daunting feeling of a full impatient waiting room that is getting angrier by the minute.  I see her for all of  the things that need more than just a quick fix and are important to me.

Today in Australia there is such a shortage of Great doctors, NO I will re phrase that, in my opinion we have such great doctors but there appointment books are so full they don’t get the time to spend with you to be as great as they can be….

Most people are lucky to find 1 doctor that can be available to them, let alone like myself who has 2 who I can usually see with in a months at a time.  They are both kept in the “loop” so to speak so there is no secrets.

My life’s experience has been so much better since finding a great doctor, one who takes the time to listen, test and to find alternative results that might be a bit out of the ball park. 

My experience is that I never complain if my doctor is running late, that usually means he/she is giving a patient the time they need, which will usually mean they will give me the time I need.  Great doctors need time to make big differences in sick peoples lives.

Whether you are at home looking after the kids or at work paying the bills for your families needs, your health, be it mind body or soul, is paramount to a great functioning life.

So my thought for today is how grateful I am to have great doctors at my call.    Suffering in silence or crying in pain is not good for anyone, I need support in this life and it took some time to find a system that works for me, but now I have it makes life much easier “whilst I am loving my family”.


  1. Hey deanie, i loved ready your blog and you have inspired me to start one of my own, xxx

  2. Wow Judy, what a compliment, thanks... I have really enjoyed it and even if no one reads it is great fun...