Wednesday, 13 June 2012

How much space will provide comfort!

I heard a quote not so long ago that said, “I don’t look forward to more space, I look forward to needing less,” this touched me.  Currently my family and I are down sizing, we are converting our shed up at our second property into a humble LITTLE home.

We currently live in a roughly 35 sq, tall ceiling home with 4 bedrooms, 2 lounge rooms, formal dinning and rumpus room… oh and did I forget a big pool… Your probably thinking   “ is she crazy”… When my husband and I brought this house we thought it was going to be the home that we stayed in our whole lives, have a big family with lots of space and room to move.

Don’t get me wrong, our house is lovely, it has served us well and will serve a new owner well… It has brought us great memories of living in a great street, we have shared our neibours children and they have shared ours, the school is walking distance and the walls speak many of stories of nerf wars in the big rooms, hide and seek in the dark and many pool parties that were noisy and boozy…

We do intend on building a new house on our block, but not for quite some time.  We don’t know if we are going to have another child or if we will wait till we retire and build when kids leave home.  But we know that it is where we want to be for quite some time.  But our needs for today will be different to our need for tomorrow.

Our shed conversion is small, all council approved and legit… but small… the 4 boys will share and room and play space and we will only have 1 lounge room.  For us this will be a big change, but one I am yearning for… We are joining the Tiny Home trend.  We can’t fit in a “genuine” tiny home but for us, it is tiny.

Our reason for this life style choice is space.  As my children grow, it would be easy to grow further apart, so my hope is it will draw us closer together when we are united by close walls, financially we estimate to cut our out goings by at least a 3rd and finally at least ½ our house does not get used. It is a wasted space for us, but another family who will use the space should and use it well.

4 Boys in one room, what am I thinking…I have come up with a design that will share space but give each person their own little nook, this I believe will teach my children the importance of boundaries and how to live with others harmoniously, BAHAHAHA I laughed as I typed that, so I thought I should let you know that I do genuinely hope this, but realize there a strong possibility that it wont work.  I hope it does not turn out a disaster,  but if I don’t try I will never know.

My dream at this current time is to waste less money on power and rates and have more money to go on family holidays.  We can rent a Mc Mansion for a weekend if we like, or as my friend does, go on a holiday in a caravan that will make our tiny home feel bigger when we return.

How much stuff do we really need to fill us up, currently we are spread over such a massive space and use barely use any of it, I have a utensil for everything, this makes a lot of washing up, I have a good lounge and a play lounge, this makes for a lot of vacuuming, I have a spare guest room, it gets slept in for about a week a year, so heating it is basically pointless.

I am not saying life will be beer and skittles with the 6 of us and perhaps 7 if we go for our little Ruby.  But I feel good about the prospect of living a greener life that is less wasteful and getting out side more with the kids, rather than pushing them into the back room of the house thinking they need more time on their own.

I will post again 6 months after we have live in our shed, I will of either A.  Already have the plans for the Mc Mansion being built or will have settled into our new little life.  The kids are all on board with the dream, my husband is eager and I am daily orchestrating what it will take for the massive change. 

We have planted our orchard, planning our gardens and have a little hobby farm with goats, alpaca and sheep… with lambs on the way, this is a far cry from the life style I ever thought I wanted, but as I get older and life gets more complex, I seem to have a desire to find quieter things to softly fulfil  my passage through life.

Our current lifestyle is one where children are entertained by TV, X Box,  psp and phones, I want to teach my children that simplicity is an important virtue and hope the hills they cart down and trees they climb in, on weekends now,  will bring a new daily life that that  brings them fond memories as an adult and also a bit of Vitamin D in their technology "off" time.

We have our critics don’t worry and I really hope we prove them wrong.   We are not doing what the conventional big family do, by up sizing to fit us all in, but I feel really good about it, like we are making a conscious decision about our future and heading in a direction that will help us to achieve it.  I dream of holidays that will give us experiences that our big house currently does not provide us, only time will tell how it pans out “but I am definitely loving my big family”. 

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