Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tools to follow your dreams

High School was merely there to aid my social life.  I found it to be a real inconvenience at the times.  My parents sent me to an expensive school, it was small so provided lots of cherished moments with teachers, I had lots of friends and the school really provided me with great educational opportunities.

But I just was not in a space to learn, I look back now and wonder if there was anything my parents could of done to encourage more from me, I don’t think there was,  things could have been different today If I had applied myself then, as my rather low pass mark when I left school has been a disappointment to me ever since. I have still had good jobs, gained entry into university as an adult, but it has meant I always felt a little unworthy.

Today’s question is “how do I motivate my son to do the best he can at school”, he is a smart kids, this does not always reflect in his school report because he is also always looking for the easier way to get things done (I will take the blame and surrender that he gets this from me)

I have thought of financial benefits to keep him motivated, he wants a new computer so I have told him for every A or good mark where I can see he has applied himself, he will get a financial compensation, I remember in high school some kids were getting 10 bucks an exams for a pass, now that was a lot of money 20 years ago… and my mum thought cuddles were going to cut the mustard…Or should I be letting him learn through his own experiences that if you don’t apply yourself then it may not be so fun when you don’t get into the university you want.

I am a true believer in education but I also believe that some education facilities squash creativity.   For a really good listen go to this TED web site and listen to Sir Ken Robinson who very poignantly explains how school kill creativity… it is well worth the laugh, a riveting 20 minutes that kept me smiling all the way through.

Although I went to a good school, I was not always shown how to find where my potential lay, I believe the school could see it, they obviously had confidence in me, sending me on an exchange programs and putting me in leadership roles, but the actual part of creating an environment where I wanted to achieve seemed to be lacking for me.

I had a couple of great teachers  Mrs. Robinson, my English teacher still leaves me with a warm feeling and Mrs. Miles, no warm feelings there, she was very strict but my god she taught me well and the things I have remembered for life…

We have recently lost our school principal at the school my number 2 boy goes to… He is a dedicated leader and a truly gifted educator, how often in our education system do we end up with people like that, I wonder some times if there should be some sort of program for budding teachers, like doctors, where you do testing to see if you have the personal traits required to be a great teacher…

Teachers play such a big role in our kids lives and in many instances they spend far more awake hours with our children than we do…. And the sad part about that is, I only really only speak to my son’s teachers if there is a problem. 

My eldest son loves school, so getting him up of a morning is never an issue, in fact I don’t get up, he is out the door by 7.15am and I don’t even hear a peep.  It is his place of social learning; just like it was for me, so inspiring him to take the education as equally serious as the social life is really hard?

I certainly don’t have any answers for this post and if you have any please leave feed back.  He is the first of my boys, so by number four I should or perhaps I hope I will have it right.   Time seems to be flashing by and at 13 it is only another 5 years till I will be packing him up to move to the mainland for university… So this means to me I only have a small amount of time left to impact him in his choices before I let him go out into the big wide world to fend for himself…

My thoughts for today were to lead by example; I cant force him to be dedicated to his studies, but I can show him I am dedicated to his study and help him each night or as often as I can, I cant expect him to be an "A" student but I can show acknowledgment and pride when ever there is effort and improvement and lastly I will encourage his dreams and weather they waver daily or are stead fast, you have to have dreams to think life is worth living, I am dreamer, people might see it as futile, but it is the essence of wanting greater things in life that keep me wanting more…

A high school certificate will not make him a better man; it won’t show him about generosity or how to be a worthwhile member of society.  But it may give him an extra ability to follow his dreams, so IF investing now will make his future easier I am all for the venture and who knows, it may make me feel I am doing something right in these puzzling times I call parenting and help me know I am doing my best “whilst I am loving my family”.

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