Monday, 29 April 2013

The Protector

The Protector

A tear is shed
For the protector who will never be

A baby lost in an abyss that sings such a low key

The protector she cry’s for the child she never knew
Where has she gone? What did she do?

Nothing fills the whole in the protector’s big eyes
The dream of her child gone, as her baby dies

A protector with no hope
No story to tell

She feels isolate, 
The grave she wishes was for her as well

No child to hold in her hands
No baby to feed at night
No little fingers holding on
No cuddles affectionate and tight

A protector who is now a mother with no baby
She wraps her dreams in bags

Each little bag a story that never got to be told
And a memory that never got to be had

A protector who is scared she did something wrong
To scared to do it all again

Now the low keys sing their tune
In her mind she fears she will never mend

She waits for the sun to shine again; her winter has seemed so long
She no longer protects her baby growing, but protects her hearts sad song.

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